Laknew Facial Cleansing Mask

Laknew Facial Cleansing Mask


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Hey gorgeous women! You all must be wondering, you wash your face regularly so what is the need to use a facial cleansing mask? Well, it’s not just important to... Read More
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Hey gorgeous women!

You all must be wondering, you wash your face regularly so what is the need to use a facial cleansing mask? Well, it’s not just important to take care of your skin, use beauty and skin care products, drink right amount of water or eat a healthy and green leafy diet. There is more to it!

You all know there is no gain without any pain. So, if you dream of a perfect face and wish to have a glowing skin at all times – be it at work mode or a party face, then you have to take efforts. Right? But, is it possible with such a busy schedule and between running from home to office? Do you actually get time to take care of your skin, especially your face? With the levels of stress increasing, it has been observed that the skin tends to age two times faster than your age!

Yes, you have read it right.

The ingredients that add up to your skin ageing faster are stress and the amount of pollution that exists in the open air outside. Try as much you can, by covering your face or washing it twice/thrice in a day, you may not be able to stop all the dirt reaching the pores and inside of your face, resulting in damage to the skin.

It’s not so easy to get rid of bad skin- after all!

Among all the problems in your life, the last thing you would want is your face looking dull and patchy with blemishes appearing here and there showing the busy and tiresome day you had. Isn’t it? Though parlors offer a wide range of solution to this problem, not everybody has the time to go to salons, and few of them find it quite expensive to spend so much money for facials every month.

What if we told you that we have an amazing solution to this chaos? It is quite obvious that you cannot run to the parlor every single time. And thus we introduce to you – Laknew Facial cleansing Mask – a facial solution to multiple face problems including blackheads, blemishes and open pores.

What is this cleansing Mask all about?

It is a simple mask that has to be applied on a clean face (wash your face before using the mask) and boom! You will see that you will have a more shining face with blemishes disappeared. The skin mask is 100% lab tested and provides you the excellent results. it  repairs damage of bad skin and when used as per instructed, it helps you retain the youthful glow on your skin.

Why should you use this cleansing mask?

With so many products in the market, it is quite obvious that you might have your own presumptions for this product as well. So, well, here are the top reasons why you should opt for this product –

  • This product is one stop solution for facial skin problems that occur due to dust, pollution and stress
  • It is a facial cleansing mask which removes blackheads, dust and unwanted things from the face.
  • This mask also helps in lightening the skin tone as well and helps in rejuvenating your skin against early ageing
  • It helps to keep your skin hydrated at all times and saves your face from dullness and dryness
  • It will also help to repair open pores and remove dirt from the pores
  • Apart from all the skin benefits, it helps your face skin relax
  • All in all, it tones your skin to a better color

How to use the mask

While every product has their own usage instruction, this product has it too. You just have to follow the below process –

  1. Wash your face properly with a mild face wash and wipe it dry with a clean cloth
  2. Apply this mask properly over the entire face. Ensure that you are applying it evenly – do not apply a lot on some places and a less on other places
  3. Gently and slowly peel off the Laknew mask from the bottom up.
  4. Blackheads, acne and other impurities are now on the removed black mask, along with dead skin. The nose and other areas are now all clear! (Apply 1-2 times per week).

You will observe that your skin appears to be softer and clean with just this simple mask. Please note Don't apply this mask on thick or long Facial Hair.

Note- After you apply this mask, you may observe that after some time of application, it will begin to itch on the skin. There is no need to worry about it, as this itching is purely because of peppermint that is in the paste. The peppermint works against all the dirt and open pores and gives your skin a cooling effect; hence you might feel the skin getting a little itchy.

Reviews and Testimonials

The women, who have bought this product so far, are really satisfied with the mask. Here are what some people had to say about their experience. Do not just go by our words, try this product yourself to believe in the results.

“It’s really amazing to see how this mask gets an instant glow on my face. It is quite effective. Just need a little patience to apply it every week, but the results are worth the efforts put” – Says a first time customer, Ritika

Our regular customer Rita says, “I purchase this product very regularly and it is amazing. I simply love it. It gives me a lighter tone like no other facial pack”.

Hema says “A friend recommended this product to me, and I was very skeptical to try a new mask on my face. What if it had adverse effects? But, the results really broke all my tensions and I am a proud user of this facial mask”.

Sirisha quotes, “When I used this product for the first time, and when I had the itching on my skin, I was very scared thinking that I am going to end up having rashes on my face. But, in fact when I removed the mask instead of rashes I saw an instant glow on my face. Really love the mask”.

“This is a very useful mask. I use this when I have a planned occasion and it saves me from the appointment of parlors. I use it an hour before heading out, and it helps me clear all my blackheads instantly” Says a happy customer, Seema

One solution for multiple face problems

For best results, this mask must be used once in a week and you will be able to see effective results.

The mask is a one stop facial solution to remove blackheads and dirt. It helps to clean and close open pores and soften the skin as well. The best part is that it gets a glowing effect on your skin by lightening dark skin on your face.


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