Apply this Mineral-Rich cleansing mask only once a week for just 20 minutes To get parlor like glowing and impurities free skin

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Nearly 85% of Indian population has pimples, Acne, Blemishes and dark sport on their face, I Know you are probably one of them because it’s not limited to India; all these common skin problems affect the people across the globe.

Here is the clear explanation of causes of all skin problems and it’s applicable to everyone:

  • Stage 1 your skin pore (function is to produce the oil just to keep your skin hydrate)
  • Stage 2 this pores get in contacted daily with sweat, bacteria, heat, dead skin, oils, etc (you can’t really escape – as your skin breaths in uncertain and polluted environment)
  • Stage 3 these particles are very tiny in size- smaller than pores. It doesn't just sit on the surface; it gets inside to the inner layers of your facial skin and skin pores became blocked (clogged).
  • Stage 4 resulting in causes blackheads/whiteheads, pimples, Painful Acne and more

Let’s clear out some Myths you have been playing around for long

Myth 1 : You are in safe zone by covered your face while going out

This is the biggest Myth people are having nowadays. No doubt it’s a good habit to carry something while stepping out; but it really doesn’t work to prevent your skin from impurities.

Myth 2 : It won’t relate to housewives as their facial skin is very less or not at all get in contacted with polluted environment

No matter you stay whole day home or traveled a lot, let’s uncover the truth for you. You now know that the skin pores released oil and sweats on to the skin, these two things are not obviously the cleanest things. Sweat is salty and contains a bit of urea as well and the oil is a perfect place for bacteria to settle down and Thais bonus oil means there’s a higher chance that pores will clog.

Myth 3 : scrubbing the hell out your face is the solution to get rid of these impurities

If you are one of them who often scrub their face to get rid of those shit then Please don’t scrub it! By doing this you just damage the upper shield of your skin and unknowingly removes many good bacteria which actually responsible for protecting your outer skin from skin damage. Wom

Women and men in India don’t opt to the skin products that can actually make their skin clear from inside

All the skin disorders your face suffering from is actually due to the impurities inside your skin. You should have to take great care of cleansing that all dirt out from your skin pores regularly.

Just glance at your daily skincare routine, all you find is face washes, cleansers, scrubber, toners and more which only does the half job by cleanse your face just from outside only. Remember, you are constantly being exposed to damage. And if you don’t do something about right away, you’ll regret it after badly!

Introducing the Laknew Facial Cleansing Mask, the first ever mineral-rich skin clearing solution that deeply cleanses your skin pores and makes them free from impurities.

What is this Laknew Mask is all about?

A deep cleansing charcoal rich facial mask lifts away impurities, cleanses congested pores, and brightens the skin tone. Glycerin and chinensis seeds refine and purify the skin without leaving it taut for the ultimate cleansing experience.

For whom is this suitable for?

  • Women
  • men

Which skin type is it good for?

  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Combination
  • Dry
Limited Offer - Cash On Delivery

What makes Laknew unique and why should you add Laknew to your daily care regime just like your regular face wash and soap??

  • India’s first and only facial cleansing mask

    No matter how costly a product you use, your skin problem won’t ever ends if it does not goanna treated from the roots. Laknew is the first and only product meant to work deeper inside your skin and gives you 100% pure and radiant skin.

  • Instant and visible Result Guaranteed

    Laknew is proven to pull out all the impurities visibly in just 20 minutes of time. Within 1st application your skin drastically transforms, looking brighter and healthier and impurities free, all you need to do is use it religiously, one time a week.

  • Perfect replacement of expensive Parlor treatment

    Not everybody has the time to go to salons, and it is quite expensive too. Now you got the handy and permanent solution to this chaos

  • A natural solution to multiple skin problems.

    Quickly and deeply cleanse skin, control oil, and visibly reduce the appearance of pores. Leaves skin brighter, clean, and refreshed by Pulled out all dirt, oil, and impurities from pores

How to Use Laknew Facial Cleansing Mask

The pack needs to be used 1 or 2 times per week to keep your skin impurity free regularly.

How to Apply:

  • Apply a thin layer (with same consistency) to damp, clean skin. avoiding the immediate eye area and allow to dry (approximately 20 minutes)
  • When dry, gently peel off the mask.
  • Wash with lukewarm water if needed and gently pat dry.
  • Recommended for use once or twice a week
  • Don’t apply this mask on thick or long facial hair.

Extras: Rub the ice cube over face after pulling the mask off, that help you tighten the cleanse pores and give you supple skin.

Limited Offer - Cash On Delivery

Laknew is loved and trusted by 10000+ Indian Women and men!!

All of these made a decision to choose Laknew over those harmful and inefficient cosmetics to achieve extraordinary results for their skin. They tried it for its promise of clear skin. And they stuck by it because Laknew did exactly what it claimed.

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Limited Offer - Cash On Delivery

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The first time you use this mask you will feel mild to moderate burning sensation on your skin due to peppermint which helps to open up your clogged pores. Do not be alarmed by this! It is a regular and completely natural.

Laknew mask is meant to help pull impurities and sebum from the skin’s surface, and as it dries, the user may perceive a gradual warming or cooling sensation and also notice a tightening effect on the skin. Each user has a different level of toleration; some may perceive these sensations as uncomfortable. Our aim is always to balance the efficacy of our products with the consumer’s sensory experience during product use.


How long will it take for the product to be delivered?

You will receive the product within 1-5 Business days from the date of purchase.

How long do you take to dispatch an order?

We dispatch your order within 24 hours of purchase.

Is a Cash On Delivery (COD) option available?

Yes. COD is available for most of the pincodes in india

Do you ship to all locations in India?

Yes, we ship to all locations within India.

What are the shipping charges on this product?

We offer FREE SHIPPING to any location within India and Standard Shipping Charges

Is it removes white head?

Yes it does remove whiteheads.

Is this product used for men?

Yes. Men can use this face mask

Mention the quantity of a pack

The pack contains a single tube and the solution quantity is 120 ml.

Does this mask remove facial hair ?? I have more tiny facial hairs on my face.. so is it usable to remove it ??

Yes it does remove facial hair. To remove facial hair we recommend you put the paste into a bowl and use a thicker layer for a better peel off power.

Can I use it on my under arms?

No.It is used mainly as a facial product.

How often should we use it? 2-3 times a week or just once a week?

one time in a week is fine but for best results you can use this product twice for healthy skin and other glowing effects.

Is it removes black marks?

To be specific it will not only remove black marks caused due to dead skin and clogged pores but also gives you fair skin and glow.

How can i track my order ?

You can track here - track.weetmart.com

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