“Use Dentpik- India’s No. 1 Oral Irrigator Everyday After Brushing For 1 Minute To Get Whiter And Cleaner Teeth Than I Used To Have”

Sonali Pathak, is our customer from Punjab, she shares her experience with Dentpik saying “This is surely a miracle for teeth and its related problems”.

Sonali and many other women like her shares with us how Dentpik completely helped them get rid of all their dental issues - and given them whiter and cleaner teeth and gums that they always wished for!

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Make Your Dental Care Easy At Home With The All New Dentpik!

Dentpik Water Flosser is India’s best ever home dental care device used by people who want to maintain their oral health and save their valuable time, their precious money. Dentpik Flosser is a portable and also is very light in weight. Dentpik is very handy, and offers easy and a portable collapsible design. The cordless, battery operated waterproof flosser has a multi directional nozzle and an easy-fill water reservoir.

Dentpik is India’s 2x hi-speed dental flosser which gives you brighter, cleaner teeth in just 1 minute!

Your toothbrush can reach only about 70% of your tooth surface. That leaves 30% that is not optimally cleaned if you aren't flossing.

Dentpik is capable of removing upto 99.9% plaque from toughest areas. Dentpik can reach the toughest corners of your mouth and deep in your gum line to brushing and clean it completely with flossing while your regular toothpaste and toothbrush will fail to do so.

We Have Received Responses All Across India With Women Telling Their Experiences: Dentpik Widening Their Smiles With Clean, Healthy And Brighter Teeth!

We Got So Many Responses From Women Sharing Their Love For Dentpik:

“I can smile wider now with Dentpik as it makes my teeth look cleaner & brightener!”

“This Flossing technique easy and simple. It saves my time and gets me white teeth to love”

“I never cared about my teeth until they started looking yellow in color, after using dentpik my teeth started looking bright and white again”

“Dentpik gave me confidence to talk again and speak without worrying anything now. They say I’m the best speaker now in college. Thanks to dentpik.”

“Cleaning my teeth had been a mess since I got braces but with Dentpik got my problem solved. I don’t need to visit my dentist very often now.”

“Dentpik works better than toothbrushes we are using to clean our teeth everyday.”

"Dentpik is an awesome technology available in the market for people like us. Takes just 1 minute to clean my teeth everyday. I am glad I bought it. It was my most smart buy online! Thank you!"

More Than 20,000 People Are Using And Loving Dentpik… How Are Your Teeth Looking Today?

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Dentpik Is Highly Recommended By Dental Experts!!!

Dentist will only use the best products for their teeth and teeth related problems. They will also suggest the best when it comes to their customers. Dental Experts exactly know what is best for dental problems and what not. They were surprised when we asked them to use Dentpik for a month and share their reviews. Our Dental Experts were skeptical about it at first and then we were shocked to see how much they have loved this technology. Here’s what renowned dental experts have to say about Dentpik:

At First, I laughed at the idea of flossing your teeth like this than the original flossing technique but once using this, within a week I got visible results. My teeth started looking better and my my gums felt healthier. I was literally shocked that this machine can work like this as it was very easy to use whereas the original flossing technique is very hard and risky. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to maintain good dental hygiene at the comfort of their home. .
- Dr. Sumitra Kangra

Dentpik works really efficiently on the areas where it is not possible for a toothbrush to reach. Flossing everyday is really important to maintain a very good oral health and this product helps you perfectly in that. You can really do flossing all by yourself at home only now. This technology - Dr. Madhu Mitra

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Get Clean Teeth In Just 1 Minute With Dentpik In Incredible Speed

Dentpik only takes just 1 minute to clean your whole mouth. Just use Dentpik for 60 seconds to get the most clean and healthy teeth you’ve ever had. Know How?

Here know the technology behind this miracle?

Dentpik explained to you easily in two parts:

  • Dentpik Have Ultra-Powerful Motor - Dentpik’s comes with powerful motor and 2AA Alkaline Efficient Batteries with the ability of 1400 pulses per minute. Use this motor along with the pair of right nozzle to get the perfect results.
  • Dentpik’s Consists 360 Degree Rotating Nozzle - To reach all the corners of your mouth Dentpik comes with a 360 degree rotating nozzle which is specifically made to remove plaque and debris stuck between the teeth and gums. Dentpik has 165 ml water capacity and comes with two different speed High: Deep cleaning and Low: Gentle gum massage.

Get The Most Clean Teeth Within A Minute.

How Else Dentpik Is Better?

Well we got a perfect answer for you :

  • Rechargeable - The Dentpik Difference!

    Being rechargeable, it can be used anytime and anywhere. Once fully charged, it lasts for about a week of regular usage. This means you will not have to waste more money on batteries or be worried about it running out of power!
  • The Safest Way To Healthier Teeth And Gums

    No harsh dental flossing strings of plastic and definitely no pain! Dentpik gives you the pearl white teeth you want with absolutely zero discomfort!
  • The Price Is Right!

    Costs of flossers and regular dental visits runs into thousands, and then there’s the fact that you have to keep paying for continuous results. Buy Dentpik once, and all those costs go right out of the window!
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Dentpik Is Completely Water Resistant!

Dentpik is fully rechargeable.

Dentpik have many reasons to love but one of the most lovable reason is that it is completely water resistant.

  • You can use it anywhere even in the washroom that too without any fear of getting the device wet.
  • Even though if by mistake Dentpik gets wet it still works with the same efficiency. How perfect is that.

Note : After or before using we strictly advise you to keep the charging port tightly closed. Kindly refrain from using it in the showers as it is water resistant not waterproof.

Our Simple 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

We are proud of Dentpik as we highly believe there will be absolutely no reason for not loving this amazing product.

Dentpik is an ultimate product for which we are ready to provide you a guarantee of 100% satisfaction. You can use the product for a month and in case if it still can’t meet your expectations, than you can claim FULL REFUND within 30 days of purchase. Simple right?

Simply get in touch with us at support@weetmart.com or call us at +91-7305139018. This contact information can also be found on the top and bottom of the page.

Getting Your Own Dentpik!

By Clicking The Buy Button We will ship you the complete package with:

Dentpik Hi-Speed Dental Flosser - The new and easy way to get compliments and a wider smile!

Two Replacement Nozzles - Dentpik comes with two nozzles, just in case you if you need.

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6 Reasons Why Your Teeth Need Dentpik Right Away!

Well we got a perfect answer for you :

  • Convenience

    Well designed and lightweight for easy handling, making it portable for use at home and while travelling. The modern design lets you use the irrigator in every direction.
  • Cordless

    Dentpik comes without and cables attached to it which makes it easy to use and also avoids unnecessary fuzz.
  • Rotatable tips

    Dentpik has rotatable which makes it easier for the user to cleanse both upper and lower gums without difficulties.
  • Battery

    Dentpik’s AA batteries makes it very durable for travelling purposes. The batteries are rechargeable hence giving it quite an edge over the existing products in the market.
  • Adjustable Water Pressure

    Dentpik has two power settings mode which lies between 65 PSI to 80 PSI. It’s pump frequency is quite higher than its competitors in the market which is 3000 pulse per minute.
  • Simple Operating buttons

    Operating the start and mode button is very easy as there’s a single button which helps avoiding the confusions and mishaps.
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Us vs. Them/The Dentpik Clear Difference.

We have the perfect reason why Dentpik is India’s Best, Compact, Portable and Efficient Oral Irrigator which is trusted by over thousands of women of all ages across the country.

You can find hundred other products in the market but you won’t find anything even close to Dentpik. People are selling many fake products just like ours in different names with different price but nothing can beat the technology and quality of Dentpik.

We can also prove it to you.

Dentpik’s 30 Days Money Back Guarantee Will Surely Makes It Trustworthy.

Our faith is Dentpik is unshakeable because we know it is the only thing you need for clean, healthy teeth and we are here to provide you the best to make you our happy and satisfied with our brand.

But that’s not all. Dentpik also comes with

  • Comes with a 2 Year Warranty
  • Comes with Free Shipping Across India
  • Offers A Comprehensive Customer Support Network Ready To Help
  • Ships Original Products Directly From The Manufacturer
  • Offers A Quick And Easy Refund

Features that sets Dentpik apart from the other duplicate products:

Features Duplicates Dentpik
Two Replacement Nozzles
Water Resistant
30 Days Money Back Guarantee!
2 Year Warranty!
Extended Customer Support!
Free Shipping Across India!
2AA Alkaline Batteries
165 ml Water Capacity (fills in only 45 secs)

Enjoy The Bonus With Two Replaceable Nozzles Worth Rs. 500/- Absolutely Free!

Along with Dentpik you get 2 nozzles so that in case if the one gets damaged or you break it or lose it, we get your back with providing you two nozzles. You can use the other one anytime u want which makes it all the more long lasting and durable. You can also share your Dentpik with another person you want to if you have two nozzles. You will get one unit of Dentpik with 2 Nozzles in the box. So, grab your Dentpik now before this offer ends!

BUY NOW & Get Assured Delivery Before March 01, 2019

ATTENTION: Due to high recent demand we can no longer guarantee supply, As of Saturday, Feb 23, 2019. we currently have product in-stock and will ship within 24 hours of purchase.

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  • *30 Day Money Back - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • *Quick Shipping - Cash On Delivery


Here's What Happy Oral Irrigator Users Have Got To Say About It!

I already had the expensive flosser that you charge up and have tons of attachments for. I didn't need all that, I just wanted a straightforward water pick. I really, really like this thing. Took just a couple minutes to set up and that was it! I left the attachment on the faucet (I don't know how others do it, but the faucet works just fine with it on), so every night I just clip it in and floss! The little plastic storage bag was a bonus, it won't last forever but it is handy to keep things together for now. I love that it doesn't have to be charged or filled with water, just attach and be done. Comes with two heads (one for me, one for the husband!) that are color coded. All in all, great buy.

Mayank Agarwal

I like this because my 6-year old who is prone to cavities will use this with no complaints. I figure anything that loosens up food and bacteria is a great thing. My husband doesn't think it is as powerful as he would like, but I am just glad for the extra motivation it gives our boy to have good teeth hygiene. According to set up, was easy and fit our old style faucet just fine. And the flosser snaps in and out of the connector easily. We have had this at least half a year with almost daily use (kids are not gentle with it) and nothing has broken. I LOVE that this flosser is compact and can put put behind our mirror and out of the way. It is much better than having a tank cluttering up counter space.

Surya Prakash

Great product, excellent cleaning of gums and teeth, specifically for those with bleeding gums . You will feel the difference with first day of use . Easy to use and user friendly. Worth Buy!

Swati Sharma

Delivery & Shipping Queries

What is the cost of delivery?

Zero. We are offering FREE delivery across India by courier.

How long will delivery take?

Your product will be delivered within 5 business days from the date you have placed your order and made the payment.

Do you deliver all over India?

Yes, we deliver to any location within India.

What is the shipping process?

As soon as you place the order on, you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile and also email alert on your mail ID.

Your sealed pack Dentpik, will immediately get dispatched from our warehouse through our logistic partner and be sent to your shipping address mentioned in the order details. You will be able to track your order from this point to delivery. Our logistic partner will call you on your registered mobile number before attempting delivery.

In the case of Cash On Delivery (COD) orders, our logistic partner will inform you to have the cash amount at hand before attempting delivery. We service to all major pin codes and cities to serve maximum customers of ours. There is no installation/ assembly required for the product, your brand new Dentpik is good to use as delivered.


Is Dentpik Safe To Use?

Dentpik is 100% safe to use. It cleans and removes the plaque and debris from the corners of your teeth and gums using water, very gently. The device is absolutely safe for regular use. It is a much better alternative to traditional flossing strings.

Do I Need To Brush My Teeth Daily If I Am Using Dentpik?

Yes, you definitely need to continue brushing your teeth regularly even if you’re using Dentpik. It is not a replacement for brushing, it is a better replacement for flossing and gives the best results when combined with brushing.

Should I Floss Before Or After Brushing?

The sequence doesn’t really matter until and unless you are doing both the things. You can floss before or after brushing based on your personal choice.

Can I Fill The Tank With Mouthwash Instead Of Water?

Yes, the tank can be filled with your favorite mouthwash too if you want to have a fresh minty feeling after flossing.

Are There Any Side Effects To Using Dentologik?

The only effect with using Dentpik is the bright and healthier teeth and gums you’re going to have very soon!

How Can I Maintain My Dentpik?

Since there is a risk of bacteria propagating, wash the device thoroughly after use and dry it before storing. Always turn the device off and empty the tank before storing.

How Long Will The Nozzle Last?

The nozzle of the device should last about 4 months of regular usage. The device comes with 2 additional nozzles which keeps you covered for a year completely!

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WARNING: Dentpik is exclusively available only at weetmart.com. We are not selling anywhere else, please be aware of fake products.