!! The skin underneath is baby soft; callouses that I had long ago is permanent gone Now !!

Rameshwari Chandani, a buyer from Calcutta shared her amazing foot peel off story with Glaze-foot. This is not the only one, thousands of women across India has many great things to say after using the glazeFoot peeling Foot Mask. All they have experienced the end result cracked free, brand new and baby smooth feet.

Women Across India tried our GalzeFoot treatment for dry, cracked and calloused feet.

You see them on TV, runways, commercials, at the pool, and at the beach: women and men with flawlessly smooth skin with no signs of irritation or redness. What’s their secret to removing body hair?

And their review comments includes:

"Now I can wear all my favorite footwear without socks"

"It did help me to remove the hard crusts and make my feet smoother. It works better than any foot devices I used before."

"I have never seen my feet this much softer before."

"I have suffered from chapped skin on the foot and 94% of problem is already solved, GlazeFooot is the first product I have found that actually works better than a pedicure"

"Got wonderful result for my rough and cracked feet"

When was the last time you thought about your feet? We spend hours taking care of our face, hair, hands but when was the last time you took care of your feet? Show your feet some attention and pampering they deserve.

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Is the skin on your heels especially rough, chapped and cracked? If so, Galzefoot peel off could be the secret weapon you've been waiting for.

We ladies have a tendency to put our feet through some pretty inhumane conditions (looking at you, heels). And, if you're an urban dweller, things can get downright challenging. I know so many women that are ashamed of their feet and refuse to wear sandals or flip flops. Try this feet-pampering-routine and a great way to reduce cracks, calluses, and roughness of feet.

Let's show our feet ladies!

With over 4,000 reviews and overwhelming positive responses, people can't get enough of this ultra-luxurious GlazeFoot Peel off.

Vaishali M.

I probably do a treatment about once every two to three months to keep my feet soft and to reduce the pedicure shame I Consider glazefoot peel off. It’s saving me money and time.

Awesome product. My feet was full of cracks before but now it’s all gone completely.

Meena P.

While falling asleep one night last month, my sister gave a yelp of actual pain. Had I stabbed him in his sleep? No. The ball of my foot had brushed against his calf.

Something had to be done.

I ordered glazefoot peel off and spent the following 48 hours.

The result I got is very surprising. I ended up with soft and clean foot ever.

It's been almost two weeks since my Baby Foot treatment and I am, frankly, devastated. Yes, my feet are more smooth and soft than they have ever been in my adult life

Zeel S.

This super-strong peeling mask exfoliates and helps relieve dry and cracked areas as well as nourish the skin.

It has no side effect at all. I would highly recommend to everyone.

Preeti B.

Worth the every single penny everybody must have this foot peel off.

Shreya S.

I suffered from chapped skin on heels since long but after using GlazeFoot I must say I should have tried this early.

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Foot peel off might look little Weird, Gross but I bet you it would be the best experience – It makes you shed your foot skin like a snake!

GlazeFoot peel off promises deep exfoliation that layers of dead tissue fall off in sheets, leaving behind childlike, never-touched smoother skin. Your feet will shed their rough edges, calluses, and any thick skin and reveal insanely smooth and soft skin underneath.

What is the GlazeFoot Peel off Treatment?

Essentially, it is super rich foot care Kit contains a pair of plastic kind of socks pre-filled with an exfoliating liquid made from natural extracts and fruit acids. Over an hour-long soak, the gel seeps into the multiple layers of skin on your feet and dissolves the adhesive fibers between those layers. Anywhere from a few days post-treatment, the skin begins to peel off painlessly and naturally (albeit disgustingly), revealing the smooth, soft skin underneath.

This super-strong peeling mask exfoliates and helps relieve dry and cracked areas with lactic and glycolic acids, which are responsible for the peeling, as well as castor oil and loads of botanic extracts that nourish the skin.

How does it Work?

Start with washing and dry your feet and then slip them into the two provided plastic booties, which contain the fruit-acid solution. Tighten the booties with given plastic tap and sock your feet into for an hour. The galzefoot work their way into your callouses. This might feel a little tingly but shouldn’t burn or feel uncomfortable. Next, slip off the booties and rinse your feet.

The rest is a waiting game, after two to three days, rough and calloused skin will start to come off, and you will have baby like soft feet within a week.

Getting great looking feet was never easier! Get your feet summer ready with GlazeFoot

Just apply and let it do its work. No scrubbing, no pain, just baby smooth feet.

  • An Ultra-Hydrating Peel That's Formulated With castor oil and glycerin

    Glazefoot won't just exfoliate skin but will also deliver deep, penetrating moisture, It is Made with castor oil which absorb Easily and helps hydrate and soften skin. It also has refreshing peppermint that remove dry patches and calluses without Causing any pain and leaves feet feeling pampered.

  • GlazeFoot fits upto women size 11 feet

    GlazeFoot foot peel Kit designed to be one-size-fits-all, if you're over a size 10, you may be hesitant to try one out because you're worried it won't fit properly. But this foot mask fits up to a size 11, you don't have to worry. It comes with two pairs per box, so you're getting a great value, and delivers the same exfoliating treatment other masks do, but with more room for different-sized feet.

  • It is comfy enough to sleep in

    Isn’t it nice to pamper your feet while sleep? Glazefoot combines both an exfoliating mask and serum to deep condition skin and leave feet feeling smoother.

  • Works well on tired heels as well

    It is specially made to work getting rid of dead skin cells, but it's super effective for your tired heels too. Try this after your feet Lost its life and need refreshment. The end result left your feet looking brand new and baby smooth.

  • Quicker than Pedicure and that too with the better result

    Considering using GlazeFoot will save your time and money you probably spent after those expensive pedicure at salon. But now you can handle this at home.

  • Easy and painless

    Cut Along the Line And Secure With The Sticker Then Allow GlazeFoot To Do Its Job. As simple as that!

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Let me give you some useful tips before you Try GlazeFoot peel off Treatment

#1 Socking is important and mandatory

Before using GlazeFoot, wash your feet with soap and water, then soak them for about 15 minutes then dry your feet off. Put them in the given plastic booties. Use the provided tape to make it tight. If you need to walk around, throw some big socks over the booties to prevent slipping. But, if possible, just stay put.

#2 leave it on a little longer.

It’s ok to leave it for an hour as instructed, and that may be enough for you. But, for many, But it is most effective when given an extra 10 to 15 20 (depends on how rough your feet are) Either way, these extra minutes of the ingredients won't hurt your feet at all.

#3 Open cuts not allowed.

Use this as rule of thumb. Cracks, calluses are fine but if you have any deep open sores or cuts cover them with a bandage before using GlazeFoot.

#4 Picking is fine

When dead skin will begin to separate from your feet, you need to actually pull it off. Alternatively, you can rub your hand along the soles of your feet or rub the soles together. It doesn't hurt. Always do this right after the soak when the skin is softened. Don't pull skin that's not quite ready to come off — it'll be ready soon enough.

#5 No moisturizer

If your feet feel uncomfortably dry and you think to put some amount of lotion : I suggest avoiding this, because moisturizing the dead skin will only make it slower to shed. Just let it dry and flake off, and then moisturize the baby-soft skin that emerges.

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GlazeFoot is The best foot care treatment for dry, cracked and calloused feet. You get soft, beautiful feet in just one week ! Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you're not happy with our foot peel mask, we will give you a full refund!

Rough Dry Skin Can Be Embarrassing – Get summer ready Feet with Glazefoot

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Some Foot Facts:

  • Women experience 4 times more foot problems than man due to their obsession for high heels
  • Only very few people percentage of people born with the foot problem, most problems occur later because of poor hygiene, neglect, lack of awareness, bad choice of footwear and improper care.
  • Corns, Calluses, Cracks, Neuroma are few of common foot problems affecting our feet.

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How long will the Micro Crystal Sheets last?

One Micro Crystal sheet lasts for about 40 to 45 days. Also, you can make it last a little longer by washing it under water and completely drying it before use again. In addition to this, the Package also comes with extra 4 pads, therefore the whole package will last you for about 7 to 8 months.

Where can I buy the Micro Crystal sheets independently?

You can order them by contacting +91-7305139018 or support@weetmart.com

Will there be a money back guarantee?

Yes, there will be a money back guarantee.

Do you ship to all locations in India?

Yes, we ship to all locations within India.

How long it takes to reach us?

We ship the product within 24 hrs and it will reach you within 1-5 days.

Is Glazefoot available in stores?

To maintain quality and discourage replicas, Glazefoot is exclusively marketed directly by the company online.

Is my payment secure when I buy on your site?

Our payment gateway has the highest grade encryption services and secure gateways to protect you online transactions. Glazefoot does not store any of your bank details with itself.

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