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Hello ladies!!,

It would be foolish to ask a women how important are her hair to her. It’s same as asking any human about food; it’s important as hell. Women go great lengths to make their hair look great. More than just a body part it’s something that reflects their personality.

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Like any other part of the body, great hair needs great care. Needless to say that this great hair requires both time and money. Women use a range of products including shampoos to conditioners to shiners to blow driers, all to make their hair look great and style them in whichever way they want. Let’s check some facts about the time, money and products that women use on their hair.

The Average Woman Spends Ten Days A Year Doing Her Hair

A poll found out that an average woman spends ten days a year making sure her hair looks perfect. According to those questioned, 10 minutes each day is devoted to washing and conditioning. They spend another 15 minutes blow drying their hair and the same again styling their locks into the right shape- 40 minutes in total. Half admitted that they took even longer before a night out. So that’s nearly an hour a day.

The Average woman spends nearly 2866396 Rupees On Her Hair In A Lifetime

So an average lady will spend 2866396 on her hair over the course of her lifetime. Hair costs and average 45487 Rupees per year which includes: trips to salon, coloring, shampoo and conditioner, hairspray and other styling products, and then accessories like clips and curling irons.

The number was calculated by figuring that an average woman lives to 81. So, over 63 adult years, that adds up to 2866396 Rupees. However, Blonde woman will end up paying 3299914 Rupees. Brunettes and redheads spend right around the average.

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Problems That These So Called Healthy Problems Causing To Your Hair

In some surveys conducted worldwide, it has been noted that about 22% of women are endangered to be losing their hair at a faster pace, all thanks to the multiple gels, waxes and hair sprays they use in order to get ‘that’ perfect hairstyle. Do you want to fall into that category as well?

To add on, here is some more news to make you guilty as ever – did you know that hair styling products and extensive exposure to heat and chemicals can damage your hair temporarily and your hair follicles permanently.

Shampoos and conditioners are made with ingredients that are very common but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily safe to use. Hair products are highly engineered, and they’re trickier to make than you might think. Shampoos have been designed to lather abundantly and leave your hair feeling “squeaky”. Conditioners are then added to moisturize and coat the hair without leaving an oily residue.

But that shampoo may be stripping your hair of the natural oils that it needs to remain healthy. Your scalp actually has a blome just like the rest of your body, and natural oils are a part of that. In addition, conventional shampoo can leave build up and residues. So that squeaky clean feeling that we’re used to doesn’t necessarily mean “clean” or “healthy” at all.

For immediate looks, hair styling products make your hair look luscious and amazing. But what about the long term effects that it leaves? It has been researched that most of the styling products contain ingredients like alcohol and wax, that tends to dry up your hair in the long term. This makes your hair look lifeless and reduces the volume of your hair. Plus, the hairsprays that you use, may make your hair look amazing for a short period of time, but they make the hair stick together and when you try to move them apart by brushing your hair, the hair falls off, that too directly from the cuticles eliminating all chances of re growth

Added to all of these, the pollution, dust and fast changing eating habits are also adversely affecting your hair’s health.

Popular dermatologists and hair experts have vouched on the fact that hair loss and damaged hair is a result of excessive exposure of hair to heat and chemicals. The extent to which you expose your hair to such external styling products has a direct relation to damaging your hair.

It has been researched that heat styling equipment’s including hair curlers and hair straighteners tend to give temporary looks to the hair but in the long run, it damages the hair and makes the hair and scalp dry. Don’t you think now, it’s high time to move out of these damaging products and opt for something that is amazing yet sustainable?

Introducing WeetoHair: India’s First Hairstyling Bun Maker

If you are under the assumption that just because your mothers and grandmother still have amazing volume of hair and do not face a lot of hair fall, you might as well be blessed with the same genes? Then you are just partially right, because genes and hereditary symptoms play a very small role in continuing that trend. And if you get your hair exposed to a lot of heat and other chemical products, that little gene contribution may also not have a lot of effect on you.

So, are you tired of the long hours spent just to get the perfect hair style for the evening? Have you been experiencing a lot of hair damage due to excessive exposure to multiple hair serums and products that the parlor uses to set your hair in the most stylish way?

Well, I am sure you will have an answer as a YES to the above questions and it is quite natural. In today’s ever changing world, who does not want to look their best - be it an office gathering or a personal party

Hair being an important aspect of the entire look, requires to be just perfect. There are tons and tons of videos and hairstyling guides available on the internet to help you get an amazing hairstyle for every different occasion that you have coming on your way.

But, when you actually try to practice that at home, does it come out really well? Will you be able to set your hair exactly like that famous celebrity for a long time? Don’t you think you will need to frequently walk into the washroom to re-set the pins in your hair so that the style remains intact? Again, a very common problem faced by women.

Get Stylish Hair In Just 30 Seconds: Use Weetohair

Laughing at the thought of getting a product that would solve all your hair styling products? Then, it’s time you tighten your seat belts, because you might just jump out of joy and surprise. Don’t believe it? Try it yourself to actually believe in this product. This super stylish WeetoHair serves multiple purposes – it saves your precious time in styling your hair plus it also keeps you safe from all the side effects of external styling products.

Flaunt a different hairstyle every single time With WeetoHair that too without spending money and time at parlors and exposing your hair to heat and chemicals

By making a smart decision of using the WeetoHair, you will be entitled to the privilege of being able to choose from 10+ different bun hairstyles. A party, a wedding or just a casual get together with old lost friends, this WeetoHair has a different hairstyle option for each occasion. You can make different hairstyles with this sole product and some hairpins. You now do not need any more products. Just use the WeetoHair and if you like, you can style it up with some hair accessories.

And To Top That…

If you are just yet super excited, hold on. Because this WeetoHair obviously offers assistance to achieve some super cool hairstyles, but apart from that, does it have anything else to offer? Yes, Yes and Yes. It has

  • A 100% satisfaction Guaranteed that comes from the sellers of WeetoHair
  • There is an option of cash on delivery. So, order and wait for the product to get delivered and pay only when you receive the product
  • Order anywhere from India, because there is not going to be any additional shipping charges at all. You just have to pay for the product
  • The website is 100% secure and if you choose to pay online, do not worry about personal information leakage as the site is certified for authentic secure site and the payments are all through secured payment gateways

It’s Reasonable Price Adds Up To It’s Features

It is a general tendency to believe that any good things come with a high cost, but not this time! When you finally decide to opt for this amazing WeetoHair, you will be positively shocked to see that this product is priced at a very affordable price.

If you wish to buy just one piece, you have a reasonable pricing for it and if you are super happy with the product and just decide to gift it to all the lovely women you know, then you have amazing deals and super value packs. There are lot of seasonal limited offers as well, so do check them out while placing the order.

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How To Get The Perfect Hairstyles Using WeetoHair

Normally, every good thing comes with its own consequences, but not anymore when you are dealing with this super product –WeetoHair. This product is going to take you away from all the heat and chemicals that ruin your hair, plus it is going to reduce the time and effort that you spend on setting your hair.

The polyester hair band is simple to use and behaves as per your requirement. What else do you need? To get the perfect hair bun, all you are required to do is

  • Collect the hair into a ponytail that is loose
  • Take up the band and place it on your ponytail
  • Now, twist the ponytail in the way you want the bun to shape up
  • Voila! Your salon like stylish bun is ready. If you feel it is incomplete, style it up with cute hair accessories and you are all set

The best part is that, you will not need to put in a lot of time and yet you will get the desired bun style. You will be amazed to see the look on your husband’s face when you come out all ready within minutes, all thanks to this amazing product.

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Why Use WeetoHair? What Makes It Unique?

Multiple Hair styling Problem Solved with One Step WeetoHair Solution

An array of 10+ bun hairstyles can now be achieved single handedly and how much time does it take? Not more than 30 seconds!

What other Brands Don’t Tell You?

One unique factor about this WeetoHair is that it is made up of polyester, thus it does not charge up your hair during odd seasons. Unlike other materials, this one ensures that your hair is not pulled too much when it is tied. Apparently, WeetoHair made of other materials may not be everlasting, as well as they do not provide real hair-like look, giving a fake and artificial feel.

WeetoHair on the other hand, is what others are not!

The truth is- a hair style will only look appealing and good if it gives a natural look. If you go back to History, you will find that generation after generations, Indian Women focused on the use of natural styling products rather than salon or chemical based ones.

Dermatologists have revealed that 95% hair fall issues occur due to overuse of chemical products.

This one product is enough to help you get all those fancy hairstyles – be it a celebrity look or a YouTube video that you loved and wanted to try since long. Any and all kinds of bun hairstyles are now a reality, all thanks to this one item added in your wardrobe.

This is a universal solution to all hair styling problems. It not only saves your time and effort, but it does not even burn a hole in your pocket.

How is this product different from others?

In the ocean of hair styling products available, there are only spoonfuls that promise you effective results. But what about protecting your hair from short and long term damage? The later can also be found in this product – Weetohair.

This product does not require lot of other supporting accessories or equipment’s. Wet hair, semi dry hair or complete dry hair. Wavy, straight or frizzy hair – The WeetoHair can be tag lined as ‘one product suits all.’

While lot of other similar companies may tell you that you can achieve awesome hairstyles with their products, they often fail to disclose the fact that their product may require supporting hair styling equipment’s to keep the hairstyle in place for a long period.

But WeetoHair has no hidden terms and conditions. This single product with the support of few hair pins is all you need to get the perfect bun hair up do.

So, what are you waiting for? Office or home – grab your laptop and place an order NOW.

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